Monday 3 August was the first working day for Ole Peter Tangnæs who has taken on the role of new CEO at Vyrk, department Valdres and Trysil.

Tangnæs has many years of management experience after working with the cabin development in Trysilfjell Arena for Trysilfjell Hytter for the last 6 years, and is happy to have had this opportunity and trust. Tangnæs also has previous experience from the consulting and construction industry from Oslo to Kirkenes, and has a carpentry certificate with 5 years of experience in addition to the engineering education.

  • I look forward to taking on a new challenge, and see good growth opportunities for the company. I also look forward to getting to know everyone at Vyrk, and that together we will find the good ways to work in a market with great potential.

Steinar Lyseng, outgoing CEO, is moving to a new position as sales manager in Vyrk.

Vyrk is proud to have Ole Peter on the team. Trysil has the greatest growth potential, and it is therefore important for us to bring in a manager with good experience to run that production. There is increased growth in the Trysil region, and therefore Tangnæs will have its main base there.

Vyrk, which delivers finished floors, walls and ceilings, as well as veneered plates and linear rib elements mark the demand for Norwegian-produced and surface-treated products. Vyrk focuses heavily on environmentally friendly wood and producing “green”. In 2019, Vyrk had a turnover of 50 million in Valdres and 25 million in Trysil, but the future prospects indicate that the Trysil company will be at least as large.