With inspiration from the old and very popular Trysil-panel, it is with great pleasure that we present a new and improved edition.
The panel aims to be the most sustainable on the market, with a circular life cycle, recycled wood core and  with a unique deposit arrangement.

Advantages of Trysilpanel

  • Vyrk aims to make the most sustainable panel on the market

  • The core of the panel is made of recycled wood materials with a veneered look

  • The panel has a circular life cycle, and is delivered with a deposit arrangement

  • The panel can be surface treated in 5 different colors on most types of wood

  • The product has the ability to satisfy fire requirements

  • Simple assembly and disassembly using our rail system

Trysilpanel from Vyrk

For over 60 years, wooden building panels have been produced at Vyrk’s production site in Trysil. We are therefore introducing a panel with the aim of being the most sustainable on the market. The Trysilpanel has a circular life cycle, and can be easily replaced and returned to us through a deposit arrangement. We want to change the paradigm that panels are used and then thrown away or burned.

Deposit arrangement

Trysilpanel from Vyrk are sold with a deposit arrangement that gives you as a customer the opportunity to return the panel against a deposit. When the panel needs to be replaced sometime in the future, it can be easily taken down from the wall and returned to us. It can be changed to a different appearance of, for example, oak, birch and walnut, or it can be milled back into a new core plate.

We at Vyrk want to utilize our resources as far as possible, and get more square meters of wall from every cubic meter of wood.

Return arrangement in 6 steps

1. Trysilpanel is purchased

Vyrk sells the Trysilpanel to consumers with a deposit included in the price. The deposit will be kept with us until it is paid out to the consumer returning panel.

2. Mounting of the panel

The consumer mounts the panel with a hidden rail system. This system makes it possible to take the panel up and down, and move it to other buildings or change the room layout.

3. Demounting of the panel

After the end of use, the panel can be returned to us so that the panel can live on in other premises and homes.

4. Vyrk Return points

We accept the Trysilpanel in return at all our production departments scattered around Innlandet. The sites are located in Rogne, Stange, Brumunddal and Trysil.

5. Refund of deposit

When the panel has been handed in to one of our production departments, you will get back the deposit from the return transferred to your account.

6. Vyrk remanufacture the panel

In this step, the panel will be renewed and refreshed. The panel will be able to be changed to a different appearance of e.g. oak, birch or walnut, or milled up into a new core plate.


The Trysilpanel can be supplied in most types of wood such as oak, walnut, birch and ash with its own color range.


Trysilpanel of oak stained with Spåtind


Trysilpanel of oak stained with Vassfaret


Trysilpanel of oak stained with Skaget


Trysilpanel of oak stained with Beitobrun


Trysilpanel of oak stained with Kviteberg

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