Perforated plates

– Fire-technical class  – K2-10 B-s1,d0
– Different surface layers
– Standard dimensions or tailor made
– Complete mounting system

Core Material:

– Type: Wooden plaster, shavings, fiber, MDF, x-veneer and furniture board.
– Thickness: 3-35 mm
– Standard lengths: 2440/3050 mm
– Standard width: 1220/1250 mm

Spesialformat leveres på forespørsel.


Ash, bamboo, birch, beech, oak, pine, cherry, maple, pear, walnut and wenge.
We can provide more types on request.

Surface treatment

– Untreated
– Polished
– Stained
– Painted
– Fire treated
– UV-laquered (with or without color pigment, max. 5% color addition)

Edge Designs

– Straigth cut
– Rounded
– Chamfered
– Noted
– Edge veneered

Tykkelsen på kantfinér ligger mellom 0,5-1,5 mm.


Standard hole diameter: Ø 6 – 8 – 10 – 12 mm.
Standard c/c distance hole: 20 or 40 mm.
Domino: 20 or 40 mm

Veneer Embodiment

Knife cut or peeled – depending on the type of wood, different types of veneer cutting can be supplied.


This is just a small selection of our products, we have the opportunity to supply several types of veneers and coatings.


Plywood of pine veneered with pine with twigs lacquered 20 gloss

Veneered panel

Veneered panel of bamboo


Plywood stained with black


Plywood of birch stained in the color Spåtind


Plywood of birch B/BB, white pigmented 5%


Plywood of birch stained in the color Beitogrå


Plywood of birch B/BB, laquered with 10 gloss


Stained plywood


Plywood of spruce veneered with knot-free spruce laquered 20 gloss


Plywood of birch, fire-laquered with top laquer 10 gloss


Plywood veneered oak, whitepigmented


Plywood veneered oak, laquered 10 gloss

Vyrk Antibrann

Vyrk Antibrann veneered with ash,white pigmented


Plywood veneered with spruce with knots, laquered 20 gloss


Plywood veneered with knot-free pine, white pigmented

Perforated plywood

Plywood of veneered birch, perforated 8 mm – domino


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Ceiling Assembly

1. A-edge
2. C-edge
3. D-edge
4. E-edge
5. Visible skrews
6. TRY 16193 (dense fugue)
7. TRY 16193 (1,5 mm/4,0 mm fugue)
8. TRY 16194 (10 mm fugue)

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Wall Assembly

1. Visible screws
2. TRY 16193 (dense fugue)
3. TRY 16193/5103 (1,5 mm/4,0 mm fugue)
4. TRY 16194 (10 mm fugue)

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Which plates fits your needs?

Feel free to visit our exhibitions and get help from our experienced advisers to choose your unique solution.