Partially pre-painted and stained cladding

From our production area in Valdres we industrially treat all types of exterior panels. The exterior panels are treated with primer and the first coat, under optimal conditions. It’s important that the cladding protects the building, and therefore choosing the right surface treatment is important.

Fargevalg utvendig kledning - illlustrasjon

Pre-painted cladding

We deliver pre-painted cladding with both primer and middle coating. These are often the heaviest and most time-consuming areas, and only top area will remain. Visir, Optimal, Drygolin and Trebitt have been on the market for a long time, and are safe products that provide good quality. Cladding with Optimal or Drygolin Ultimat applied at the factory can stand for up to two years before repainting, but we recommend that the top coat be applied as soon as possible.

Hytte Jensen

Drygolin Ultimat
• Extreme protection
• Especially effective against stain fungus
• Freshly painted look the longest (UV-block)

• Great color and gloss durability
• UV-protective and water-repellent
• Good environmental choice

• Natural transparent appearance
• Care and preserve
• Prevents moisture absorption

Advantages of industrial painted or stained exterior cladding

kostnadseffektivt - ikon

Time and cost effective

behandling under optimale forhold - ikon

The paint is applied under optimal conditions

unngå krympestriper - ikon

Avoid shrinkage stripes and rot

Beskyttet kledning - ikon

The cladding is protected from the start

Uavhengig av vær og årstid - ikon

Mounting is not dependant on weather or season

Det beste underlaget - ikon

Provides the best foundation for further treatment

All profiles for exterior cladding

We can provide all panel profiles for exterior cladding and have the opportunity to create unique profiles.