We sell Oak Flooring – parquet and solid wood flooring

We sell quality flooring from Quick-Step, Edelholz and TMP Royal. The floor is one of your biggest furniture, so it is important to choose the right floor that gives you a feeling of comfort.  

Choose the right floor

Parquet is graded and priced according to the number of strips, from one, two or three strips, which describes the pattern of the floor. Sorting, surface, colors, planing and type of wood determine the price.

All our suppliers have floors dried to 7% (+/-2%) and which are approved for underfloor heating.

Vyrk sells everything from 3-strip parquet to solid flooring in 400mm width, but with quality as a common designation regardless of choice. Our suppliers take environmental consideration and are committed to preserving the renewable resources that are extracted. The value of being able to choose profiles, materials and colors of floors, panels and moldings at the same time is an important factor for a good end result.

soverom - illustrasjon

Maintenance of the floor

Depending on the use of the floor, maintenance oil treatment must be performed regularly to help preserve the floor as best as possible. We suggest you use white oil on white floors, natural care oil for natural floors, and dark for dark shaded floors. Thoroughly clean the floor with parquet cleaner and allow the floors to dry completely before applying maintenance oil.

Which floor suits you the best?

Feel free to visit our exhibitions and get help from our experienced advisers to choose your unique solution.