Vyrk AS is an industrial company that stains and paints panels and moldings for walls and ceilings, before installation. Vyrk also has a factory in Trysil, which is one of the leading suppliers in Norway of linear rib elements and veneered panels, as well as various surface treatments. A separate glass wall production at Stange was acquired in 2021 and expands the product portfolio.

In recent years, Vyrk has invested several millions in new machines and digitalization to streamline production in the years to come, and the growth ambitions are great.

Our goal is to be the most attractive supplier on the market.

Pure Norwegian Raw Materials

Both productions have the opportunity to make and surface finish according to the customers wishes. Several millions have been invested in new machines to streamline production and open up for new ideas.

We are a Miljøfyrtårn-company, which focuses on environmentally friendly products. This helps to ensure that you as an end user can feel confident that the environmental aspect is being taken into account. Our work has been appreciated and in 2015 we were named Valdres Company of the Year, and gazelle company 3 years in a row.