We industrially treat panel for house, cabin and other buildings. 

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Rib Elements

Prefabricated linear rib elements for walls and ceiling.

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Veneered plates

We combine the properties of the tree with the functional. 

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Glass walls

We deliver different solutions of glass walls 

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Finished painted and stained moldings in different profiles. 

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We deliver partially finished exterior cladding. 

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Latest news

New staincolor – Makalaus

Today we have launched our new stain color, which we have chosen to name after the mountain top Makalaus, but [...]

To decide on the color

Deciding on colors is difficult, and the main reason for that is probably because there is an endless choice of [...]

Local production in Valdres and Trysil, combined with large purchases, makes the industrial wood from Vyrk both time and cost efficient.

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Our exhibitions

You are most welcome to visit one of our exhibitions. Vyrk has own showrooms in both Valdres and Oslo, where we can help you find the colors and profiles you want. By visiting one of our exhibitions you will have a greater opportunity to make the right choice of materials, profiles and colors. Both with the help of advisors, as well as many samples and exhibitions of interior panels, exterior cladding, linear rib elements, veneered plates, moldings and oak parquet.


Les mer
Les mer

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