Pre-painted and stained moldings in all profiles

Vyrk provides a wide selection of moldings, all customizable to your specific color or stain requirement. Our treatment process allows you to get the moldings either stained or primed and painted.

Get your dream result

In most rooms the moldings create the finishing look. The option between simple or profiled moldings, color choices and the combination with wall coverings and flooring are important elements for achieving the result you dream about.

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Tailor made or stocked moldings?

To achieve the best possible quality, our moldings are stored in temperature-controlled warehouses. Most of our orders are custom to a customer’s specific needs, but we also stock moldings in standard white (Cotton S0502-Y).

Vyrk can also help you stain moldings you already own, as well as produce the profile you want, for example if old moldings have been used in the building before.


Below you will find a number of examples of simple and profiled moldings that we provide: