We are very proud to announce that our product, Sustainable Wall Panel, is on Business Norways plattform! Business Norway is a leading actor that promotes green and sustainable solutions and investment opportunities in Norway. We are proud to be recognized as part of this important initiative.

In today’s society, it is crucial that all industries take their share of responsibility in the green shift. The construction industry plays a significant role in the fight against climate change and environmental destruction. It is therefore important that we, in the construction industry, adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to reduce our impact on the planet.

One of the biggest challenges in the building materials industry is the waste problem. Every year, large amounts of waste are generated from construction projects, and this has a negative impact on the environment. That is why we have developed the Sustainability Panel, an innovative solution that aims to eliminate construction waste and promote circularity.

Foto: Jonas Sjøgren – Destinasjon Trysil

The sustainability panel from Vyrk is designed with circularity in mind and uses recycled materials in the core. This means that we can reduce the negative impact on the environment and at the same time create an exclusive and luxurious product. The panel is 100% circular and has a unique return system which ensures that the materials are recycled and reused.

We believe that actors in the construction industry have an important role to play in the green shift. By implementing sustainable solutions, we can reduce the waste problem and at the same time achieve financial benefits. A report from Grønn Byggallianse shows that sustainable construction projects can lead to cost savings and increased competitiveness for the players in the industry.

We therefore encourage all in the construction industry to take part in the green shift and implement sustainable solutions. Together, we can contribute to a more sustainable future and reduce our impact on the environment.