Wood are more than welcome in the bathroom as well, and more people therefore choose panels to break with the more traditional bathroom style. Wood will often give a warmer appearance, and there is nothing in the way of using this in the bathroom as well. There are, however, some precautions to be taken.

The most important thing to think about when using wood in bathrooms is to avoid wood paneling in the wet zone, in the area where you shower or have a bath. Panels that are regularly exposed to water will often have little durability and will be damaged more quickly. A combination of tile in wet zone or shower enclosure, and panel in the rest of the room is therefore a very good option. Wood can therefore also be used in the bathroom, as in all other rooms, if it is kept outside the wet zone.

Panel and tiles in great combination. Here in the cabin of Eine Fritidsbolig.

Something everyone may not know, is that by using panel in the bathroom, water vapor from the shower will contribute to keeping the house warm. The Norwegian Wood Technology Institute has made measurements in a bathroom where half the wall surface and the ceiling were covered in wood. In this bathroom, it was actually shown that the heat from the steam in the shower will be absorbed into the wood panels and could raise the temperature in the room by over two degrees. When the steam is absorbed in the wood, dewy mirrors will not be a problem either, and the humidity in the room becomes considerably less.

Dark panel, and dark tiles create a cozy and beautiful bathroom.

There is no doubt that wood panels create their own mark on the bathroom interior, and stained panels in different colors offer greater possibilities to combine with the tiles you want. If you want a painted panel in the bathroom, it is an advantage to use panel without twigs to prevent twitching. You can clearly see that there is nothing in the way of using both panels and tiles in the same room.

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