Springtime is decidedly a high season for renovation, and many are in these days concerned of renovating, refurbishing or rebuilding. It is perhaps the outer covering which is the most upgraded in the mild weather of spring. When this is done, it is often good to think about the fact that both the primer and the first coat are finished and save you hours of work.

When it’s time for the exterior panel to be changed, most people choose to do this in the spring when the weather is mild and light. Before choosing cladding, you must find out what color you want, whether it be covering painted or stained. What you may want to keep in mind is that a covering paint has longer maintenance intervals than stain. Which means that it takes a longer time before it must be painted or stained again. The time before maintenance intervals will be affected by local climatic conditions and maintenance is therefore important to do as needed.

“Sjemmedalshytte” stained in the color “Jernvitrol” – 9061. Photo: Pål Harald Uthus.

The cladding will come from the production finished, and with one coat of paint or stain, applied under good temperatures and with the right amount of application on the wood. By using the factory-treated covering, you will also be able to avoid the wrap and shrink stripes, which can often appear on the self-treated panel. The cladding will first be treated with primer, which needs to be drawn into the wood and prepared for the first coat. The middle coat is applied when the primer has completely dried in, and our stain and spraying machine will apply paint or stain to the entire table. When the panels go through the machine, we will ensure the correct amount of application and good quality.

House painted in the color “Brunsvart“ – 734.

If there’s one thing you save by choosing a factory-treated garment, then it’s time. Both, the primer and the middle coat have already been applied, and when the covering is put on, only the topcoat remains. If you want to save even more time, it may be worth painting immediately after the cladding is set up. You can wait up to two years before the topcoat is applied, but by applying it immediately you will give the coats a thicker protection for increased life. At the same time, it is unnecessary to wash the house before taking the topcoat, and then save even more time.

Choosing factory-treated cladding will save you both cost and time, while providing a protected clothing as soon as it is installed. Feel free to contact us at Vyrk if you have any questions, and we will help you.