Choosing the interior panel can often be crucial to the look of the room, and there are plenty of types to choose from. Stained or painted, pine or spruce, standing or landscape, smooth or textured – the possibilities are many. Panel gives you the ability to choose customizations that are right for you and your style, while creating exactly the look you want. Before you make your choice, read here to find out what should be considered.

Spruce or pine?
The first decision that should be made is whether the choice falls on spruce or pine panels, which are by far the most commonly used types of interior panel. The difference between the two is that spruce does not have core wood, which makes it a lighter panel. Spruce also has the twigs closer together than the pine panel, while the twigs have a smaller size. Pine, on the other hand, is often recommended for surface treatment, and is the type of wood we use most on Vyrk. The pine panel often has more life in the structure and branches, and has a more reddish appearance on the core wood. Wood panel is a living material and you can clearly see the changes in the wood based on which panel it is and the dimension chosen.

Pine on the left with larger twigs and a redder corewood. Spruce to the right with smaller twigs, and no corewood.

Portrait or landscape?
Panel mounting can be done both portrait and landscape, and the shape of the room is often crucial to how the panel should be mounted. Standing panels are often the most common and easiest to set up. The standing panel will also give the room the feeling of a higher ceiling height, giving the room an airier expression. Landscape panels will often lower the ceiling height but will help make the room appear longer and the floor area larger. This choice is also very individual and is determined by the different preferences each one has.  What can help you decide is how the room is designed and what expression you want to make.

Standing straight panel gives a modern and clean look to the room. Cottage from Halvorsengruppen

The trend
The trend in recent years has focused more on the classic, minimalistic panel types. To give the walls more life and touch, several people choose panels in three different widths. This can often give a different color to the different dimensions as wood is a living material and they all are unique. In the cabin many choose a slightly coarser and wider panel, especially when it comes to living room and kitchen as these are often the largest rooms. When the room is big, it is a good thing to choose a slightly coarser or wider panel. The “Østerdalspanel“ or timberpanel is an example of this type of panel, and the coarse panel gives a traditional cabin feel and is intended to mimic old, timber-framed log houses.

“Østerdalspanel” in landscape is a coarser type of panel, gives the feeling of a log cabin.

Surface treatment
With an industrial application of stain and paint, this will give a smooth and fine surface, saving you time and money and providing a much better quality. Industrial panel coating will ensure that the right amount of stain or paint is applied evenly throughout the panel and avoid shrinkage streaks. We supply all the color combinations to Jotun, but also have our own unique stain colors that we break and mix ourselves.

If you would like more information about panel or surface treatment, please contact us at Vyrk.