There are several reasons to choose an industrial painted or stained panel. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, but it will also save both time and money.

Wood is a living product and will change and turn yellow over time, this will happen even with optimum UV protection. When treating panels, you may want to stain with a lighter color as early as possible to minimize yellowing in the wood. Yellowing in the wood often happens from high temperatures, high humidity or light exposure over time. Therefore, it is difficult to guarantee that this won’t happen. Surface treatment can mainly make the panel more stylish by staining or painting in a desired color, while preventing yellowing in the wood.

The color «Beitogrå» – Eikås Hytter og hus.

Whether you intend to refurbish or rebuild, it is important to make a choice when it comes to panels. When you buy finished, you will save yourself a lot of work. For industrially treated coatings, both primer, stain or paint are evenly applied by brushing and spraying machine, so the right amount is applied, and the panel gets a smooth surface. The panel will then be protected from day one, and you will not have shrinkage stripes and rot.

Dark tones with light ceilings – Eikås Hytter og Hus.

Mainly, its mostly interior stained panels, especially in cabins. Stained panels will still show the structure of the tree, then the charming character of the tree is preserved. When the panel is industrially treated with stain, stain or varnish will be brushed or sprayed on the panel. The traits found in stain or varnish will minimize the natural yellowing process and will maintain the natural color of the panel over time. If you choose an industrial painted panel, it will be primed with a twig-damping primer, then medium-honed before the next coat is sprayed on with paint in your desired color.

A small part of our color range

At Vyrk we can break and mix all color combinations, that will give you the opportunity to choose from 5000 optional colors and create the room you want. The finished panel will contribute to a positive indoor environment, while looking great too.