A good choice for the environment is often what we don’t have to replace often and at the same time take advantage of for a long time. Therefore, choosing wood on walls and floors is often something that offers great benefits, both for the environment and the indoor climate. The trend is also turning more and more towards building with wood, and much of the reason may lie in the growing concern about the climate effects we are facing today.

According to the Institute of Wood Technology, wood is the most environmentally friendly building material we have in Norway, and building wood has proven to have clear environmental benefits. Wood is based on renewable raw material, and if it is managed in a sustainable and correct way, wood can be used indefinitely. Using wood panels in buildings where we live will affect our everyday lives. The tree can regulate the temperature and humidity inside, for example, if you cook something in the kitchen, the tree could help regulate the indoor temperature thereafter. Wooden panels also have the ability to hold the heat and circulate it around.

Schweigaardsgate in Oslo have gotten our Antibrann plates that do not burn or emit toxic smoke.

In recent years, there has been a tremendous development in using wood as a building material, especially in larger public buildings. Previously, there have been several arguments against building with wood due to fire hazards. In larger public buildings, however, there are often many requirements that must be satisfied before the building can be used. We at Vyrk have the opportunity to fire-treat the products to satisfy fire requirements on various projects. Anything from larger veneered panels to long length rib elements can be treated. The rib elements gives the room a distinctive feel and helps to improve the acoustics of the room.

Beautiful linear rib elements of knot-free pine for a beautiful walkway for acoustic and environmental benefits.

In addition to being able to fire-treat the products, we at Vyrk also have the opportunity to stain and paint in exactly the color you want. An important rule of thumb before deciding is whether you want to stain or paint. If you choose to stain, you have the opportunity to paint later. But if you choose to paint, it will no longer be possible to stain. This is due to the fact that the stain pulls into the wood, while the paint settles like a sheet on the outside. Nevertheless, getting the factory treated for the first time is a great advantage to prevent shrinkage stripes, regardless of whether you are painting or staining. We have an endless selection of stain colors, and make our own special combinations of stains. Please see our selection of stain colors here.

Our own stain color, Bitihorn, on Skjåkpanel in a nice cabin from Eikås Hytter og Hus.

If you have any questions about our veneered anti-fire plates, linear rib elements or panels, please do not hesitate to contact us.