The largest piece of furniture you find in a room is the floor. The choice of floor is therefore crucial for both style and atmosphere, and how it will work with the rest of the room. At Vyrk we can help you find out which color options on the floors, moldings and walls are in style and create a great overall impression.

When it`s time to choose flooring, there are several things you may have to think about. Firstly, it is important to know that no floors are neutral, precisely because there is such a large and dominant surface in a room. The color of the floor will reflect on furniture as well as walls, so therefore, give it some time before you choose. Floors give the room a whole, so it`s important that it doesn’t differ too much from the walls or furniture.

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The floor is often the subject of much wear and tear, and it is therefore important to set certain requirements for which floor you choose in different rooms. Especially in the kitchen, hallway and bathroom it`s crucial that the floor can withstand contact with water. Scratches are also something that can easily occur on floors, especially if you have a dog in the house. Requirements that many people satisfy is that the floor is durable and easy to clean.

Quick-Step flooring in the kitchen (IMP1626)

Oak parquet is often found in various homes, not without reasons. It has for the time long been the most widely used floor. In our selection there is to find both the rustic kind and the more modern type in colors that suit most. The rustic floor will often withstand more wear and tear as the floor is brushed with rotating steel brushes which remove the soft part of the wood. It is the bright spring wood that is brushed away, while the darker summer wood will remain. This brushing creates a structure in the tree and make the floor more robust.

If you are unlucky and still get a scratch in the floor, it will seem less on a brushed floor. Brushed, rustic floors can be surface treated with either lacquer, oil or hard wax oil.

Oak is a harder type of wood, which often withstands more wear and tear and it is why it’s often chosen in rooms such as kitchen and hallway. A wooden floor is a good choice, and our floors are very comfortable. Wood gives off more natural heat than a laminate flooring can provide, and therefore create a warmer environment.

Our suppliers are TMP-Royal, Edelholz and Quick-Step, as we sell everything from 3-bar parquet to solid flooring in 400mm width.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about tips or recommendations before choosing a floor.