Linear rib elements give the room a modern look and is exciting for both interior and exterior use. At Vyrk and Trysil Interiørtre we produce rib elements in all types of wood, with a large selection of different surface treatments. Prefabricated wooden rib elements will be able to get the job done faster and easier, and the trend indicates that people stepping away from the more traditional.

Linear rib elements are part of creating a beautiful visual expression on walls and ceilings. We supply rib elements in different types of wood and with different surface treatment. It is also possible through proper treatment that the rib elements can satisfy different fire requirements. At the back of the rib elements there is an acoustic cloth, which is a part of creating a good indoor noise-environment. The rib elements can be delivered with various slot openings, which are also crucial for the acoustics of the room.

Elements delivered to Hotel Alexandra in Loen, with the rib elements in various openings for expression and acoustics.

With the good sound reduction achieved by the elements, it is often chosen by architects in rooms where the acoustics play a big role. Often rooms with high ceiling solutions present challenges associated with sound, which can be neutralized by rib elements. In addition to the acoustic benefits, the rib elements will be able to break with other walls and ceiling surfaces, creating a great expression in the room. Rib elements will also be able to provide a certain warmth to the room, and the choice of wood varies depending on how much structure in the wood is desired.

Linear rib elements for both wall and ceiling in the beautiful Wood Hotel, Mjøstårnet.

At Vyrk and Trysil Interiørtre you have no “standard” dimension or design. It is also possible to vary cores, colors, dimensions and finishes. We supply most types of wood, and the ribs can be delivered clear, stained or painted. If you have any questions regarding linear rib elements or similar, don’t hesitate to contact us.