Before, you often had to throw away used panels when refurbishing or replacing living rooms or office premises. With the Sustainable Wall Panel from Vyrk, you can simply take the panel down from the wall, use it again in another room or take it to a deposit station where you get a deposit in return.

Vyrk is launching a new product with the aim of being the most sustainable solution on the market. With inspiration from the previously very popular Trysil-panel, an updated and improved edition is now being launched; Sustainable Wall Panel from Vyrk. The panel has a circular life cycle and is delivered with its own, unique deposit arrangement.

“We wanted to develop a product with a core of recycled wood material, with a veneered expression. The panel will have a circular life cycle, as we want to change the mindset that panels are produced, used and then used for fuel or thrown away,” says Steinar Lyseng, who is market and innovation manager at Vyrk.

The circular mindset is rooted in Vyrk’s desire to utilize resources for as long as possible.

One of the first in the world

The Sustainable Wall Panel is one of the first in the world to be sold with a deposit arrangement. When the panel needs to be replaced sometime in the future, it can be easily taken down from the wall and returned to one of Vyrk’s four deposit stations against a deposit. The deposit stations are located around Vyrk’s production facilities in Rogne, Trysil, Stange or Brumunddal. The panel can then be changed to a different appearance of, for example, oak, birch or walnut, or be milled up to become a new core plate. The background is that Vyrk wants to get more square meters of wall from every cubic meter of forest cut down.

60 years of experience

For over 60 years, wooden building panels have been produced at Vyrk’s production facility in Trysil. Vyrk has built on this expertise, and has had close collaboration in the development process with both architects, Klosser Innovation and Innovation Norway. The result is a panel with high aesthetic and technical qualities adapted to our times and the green shift.

“Klosser innovation is impressed by Vyrk AS’ ability to implement and willingness to create sustainable innovations. The project is a good example of a Norwegian business that seizes the opportunities that the green shift provides, and creates something unique. We are proud to have been involved in the process of developing the Sustainable Wall Panel.” says Ida Marie Gulbrandsen, who is an incubator advisor at Klosser Innovation.

The Sustainable Wall Panel is supplied with a rail system made of recycled aluminium. This system allows you to put up and take down the panel, without damaging the core. The simple assembly and disassembly means that the walls can be moved to other buildings, or the room layout can be changed. The panel must be able to be used again and again. Vyrk is participating in the Architect@work fair in Lillestrøm in Nova Spektrum on 23-24 November to showcase the product and offer a look at the concept and rail system.

“We are proud and very pleased that we can now present our new innovation product, and aim to be a contributor in relation to the major climate challenges we face. We are lucky to have a business based on renewable, short-travel and Norwegian raw materials. We want to help pull the load towards the most sustainable business development possible. The sustainability panel is the right choice today, and for generations to come,” says Steinar Lyseng.

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