Vyrk Innovasjon AS was established at the end of September, and aims to be able to conduct more targeted work with innovative projects, and create great value when it comes to bio-based and circular production.

The increased focus on the green shift and the opportunities to contribute to finding solutions to the climate challenges were the basis for the establishment of Vyrk’s new company, Vyrk Innovation. The innovation-oriented company will focus on becoming a leader in value creation within bio-based production. The team that makes up Vyrk Innovation consists of Vyrk founder Steinar Lyseng, Trine Alice Rakstad and Carla Susana Assuad.

The mindset around the life cycle of wood products being linear, that the wood is used and then thrown away or used as fuel, is something Vyrk Innovation wants to change. The tree should have a circular life cycle, and today’s value chains and resources are used too poorly. Several innovation projects that the company is working on are now based on the circular life cycle, greater utilization of resources and increased reuse of wood products. Vyrk Innovation also has good collaborations with, among others, Innovation Norway, and various research institutions such as NTNU and SINTEF.

“Vyrk Innovation sees the importance of facilitating a sustainable and bio-based business life. We want to further develop the wood industry within residual resources and utilization of return flows. The establishment of our own company will make it easier for us to carry out targeted work towards circular innovative projects within the wood industry,” says Vyrk founder Steinar Lyseng.

Through future innovation projects, the team at Vyrk Innovation will help create added value through innovation, and at the same time contribute to reducing the negative impact we see today on the environment.

Vyrk Innovation is organized under Vyrk Holding, the same as Vyrk AS and Vyrk Brumund AS.