Inspiration is everywhere – and inspiration is important no matter what you do. Whether you are building new, renovating or just want a small change, it is sometimes difficult to know how you want it. In a home, it is important to surround yourself with textiles and materials that together can create a secure base. The most important thing is to create a room with a good atmosphere and a cozy feeling. That’s why we’ve gathered a lot of inspiration and found home trends we absolutely love for your home.

Wood is timeless

Housing trends are often a good source of inspiration. When creating a home, the most important thing is to choose what you are comfortable with, and which gives a good result. It’s no secret that we at Vyrk are passionate about wood. Wood is timeless and often independent of trends. Which types of wood are in the wind is still something that will change from time to time. Both for interiors, walls, ceilings and floors, wood is a unique material, which is rarely not trendy. An increased focus on using sustainable materials also plays a big role in why wood is so trendy. Wood acts as a warm and cozy feature in homes and residences. A combination of wood together with other popular elements, such as brass and marble, gives a modern and elegant look. Bringing nature into the room gives many people harmony and inner peace. Whether it is through flowers, straw, twigs or wood on the floor and walls.

Linear rib elements

A trend we really believe is here to stay is linear rib elements. With various areas of use, and limitations where only the imagination puts a stop, it is no wonder that linear rib elements are a popular trend. Linear rib elements can be used just as well outside as inside – for walls and ceilings, headboards and furniture. In addition to giving the room an exclusive and natural feel, it will also contribute positively to the room’s acoustics. A linear rib elements ceiling will give the room a lift, and provides the room with that little something extra. Whether it is for the kitchen or hallway, linear rib elements will add a natural and modernized feel to the room.

Spiler - boligtrend i tre

Veneered panels

If there is a trend that gives clean lines, and at the same time is functional, then it is veneer. Veneered panels often give a type of minimalism to the home that many people want. In that way, they have stood strong as a trend recently. Veneer sheets, both natural or treated with stain or paint, are used in both walls and ceilings, but also as a popular alternative; on the kitchen furniture. Using veneered panels as part of the kitchen will give a personal expression with endless possibilities. The clean plates will add life to the room and a warmth that many want.

Finerplater i bolighus - trendy med tre


Traditional but trendy is the definition of panel. The traditional wood that panels are, opens up great opportunities to combine the natural with the modern. According to Jotun, the color trends for the year can be summed up in one word – diversity. This shows that exciting color combinations can be used, and that most things are allowed. Colors influence us, and both interiors and textiles help to determine the expression and mood of the home. Both stained and painted panels characterize both the cabin and the housing market, and many people resort to easy solutions, such as having the panel pre-finished.

We will see more of tone-on-tone, and more of the vibrant colours. The beauty of paneling is that it can be varied in most ways, both through the direction of the panel, the color and the expression you want to convey.


Glass walls are an excellent alternative in houses or apartments with poor layouts. A beautiful glass wall will be able to lift the room and the value of the home. In rooms where you would like more light, glass walls can be a smart choice. Our New York Style glass walls with black slats add a stylish element to the interior. In the same way as our other products, glass walls will also provide the opportunity for tailoring adapted to your building project.


Trends are constantly changing, and it may be wise not to follow housing trends slavishly, for fear of ending up with a home without a personal touch. The most important thing is to choose colors and elements that you like to stay in and that you enjoy for a long time.

Housing trends come and go, the most important thing is to find the personal expression you want. Feel free to contact us in Vyrk with questions or more information.