Stained panel has an incredible ability to change the style of a room depending on the colour, profile, dimension and direction of the panel. There are an incredible number of ways to give the panel a more personal touch adapted to your project. We find inspiration everywhere and there is no conclusion as to what is right and wrong. For those who like the natural, our three warm, brown tones; Bitihorn, Vassfaret and Beitobrun, can be a good alternative and give any room a golden touch that looks good on the wall.

Whether you are building something new or simply refurbishing, panels are a fantastic product to use either as a contrast wall, or on walls and ceilings throughout the room. The panel can give the room a personal touch, whether you choose  horizontal or vertical, narrow or wide dimensions of the panel. What our three warm and brown tones have in common is that they all provide a warm atmosphere, and stand well on the wall over time. All of our brown tones stand up well to slightly vibrant colors in interiors or furnishings. Here there is absolutely no reason to hold back, and interiors with both yellow and red tones in them will do well with our stain colours. Our natural brown stain colors appear cozy, harmonious and timeless, and leave their unique mark on walls and ceilings.

Våre tre lune, brune toner

Our three brown tones


is one of our lightest brown tones. It is perfect for those who want the natural expression of wood, where the pattern and wood structure come through clearly. It is important to consider that the lightest tones are more often influenced by the colors of the surroundings.


is our new intermediate color that gives a warm and comfortable look. It has a lovely grey-brown tone, which will look good on the wall and which will let the wood shine through.


is one of our darkest brown tones and gives the room a dark and timeless expression. The dark stain contains more color pigments, which means that the color will be able to hold better over time. Click here to see the cabin stained with Bitihorn. 

All our warm, brown tones give any room a natural and soft appearance, and provide a good starting point for introducing other atmospheric colors to the surroundings. Feel free to visit our exhibitions, and don’t hesitate to get in touch when choosing a color.