Natural colors clearly show this year’s trends, and in progress for 2019 we find green. Green colors tend to create tranquility and balance, and at same time make the room comfortable. It`s becoming less difficult to find cold colors such as white and grey, and people prefer more warm and personal surroundings. Especially at the cabin people want a natural feeling, which has got a lot of focus this year.

Color chart from Jotun. Floor from Vyrk – TMP 21 × 180 S01 Onyx Hard Wax Oil

Many want colors combined with stained walls in various shades of grey and brown, both dark and light. Stained colors have an advantage because the structure is more prominent, at the same time it gives a more rustic expression. This year’s natural colors in combination with stain can give a warm and harmonious style. Before choosing colors, you have to find out what style you want and choose from it.

©Os Trekultur AS

Green or blue kitchens along with stained wall can create a contrast between the color of the kitchen interior and the warm stained walls. Green is a color many people associate with forest and nature. As you can see in nature, it is rarely completely homogeneous, and it`s the combination of the green against the naturally brown and grey that can provide a warm and comfortable room. Which in turn will create an overall finish at the cottage and at home.

Wall: 18x170mm textured brush stain in the color Spåtind