Spending time in the nature can be a great pleasure for many people. There is also research that suggests that staying in forests and fields is healthy and creates an inner calm.

What you may not know, is that it may indicate the same benefits when building or furnishing wood panels at home. Therefore, using a panel inside gives an increased feeling of well-being, while reducing energy consumption.

Positive benefits for health and the environment are good reasons to select wood, but according to the Treindustriens Lille Grønne  there are more:

  • Wood is a natural material and therefore no toxic additives have been added.
  • Wood is a renewable resource and can therefore be recycled and reused.
  • When used properly, wood is a very durable material.
  • Wood is both moisture and temperature regulating and creates a good indoor climate.
  • Wood is energy-saving because it manages to keep and circulated heat.
Tuva hytta

Wooden panel gives a good indoor climate, and a nice expression.

The reason for the positive effect this material have is because it is perceived as natural and in that way,  it affects the quality of indoor air, moisture balance, comfort and acoustics. In addition to these points, we must apply that wood creates a warm and harmonious style. Wood has been used for centuries and is even becoming more popular in these times as well, not only for houses and cottages but also for larger buildings. You can safely say that timber is timeless.

Panel i Sjemmedal Hytte

Same panel in both walls and ceilings gives a stylish look. Cottage built by “Sjemmedal”. Photo: Pål Harald Uthus

If you choose finished wood from Vyrk, you can rest assured that the panel maintain the environmental demands. Vyrk has its products in “Svanens Byggevareportal”. Buying these products will help to reduce the climate footprint and substances that are environmentally and health hazardous.


Sources – Norsk Treteknisk Institutt, TreIndustrien