Spring is definitely a high season for renovation, and many people these days are thinking of renovating, refurbishing or building new. In particular, it is the exterior cladding that is often replaced or upgraded in the mild weather of spring. When this is to be done, it is often good to be able to think that both the primer and the first coat can be applied, and save you several hours of work.

Painted or stained?

When the exterior cladding is to be changed, most people often choose to do this in the spring when the weather is both mild and light. Before choosing a cladding, you have to find out which color you want, whether it should be painted or stained. What you may want to keep in mind is that a paint has longer maintenance intervals than stain. That is, it takes longer before it has to be painted or stained again. Maintenance intervals will still be affected by local climatic conditions, and maintenance is therefore important to do as needed.

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Advantages of factory-treated clothing

The cladding will come from the production finished primed and with one coat, applied under good temperatures and with the correct amount of application on the wood. By using the factory-treated cladding, it will also be possible to avoid rotting and shrinkage streaks, which can often appear on self-treated panels. The cladding will first be treated with primer, which is allowed to soak into the wood and prepare for the first coat. The intermediate coat is applied when the primer has dried completely, and our staining and spraying machine will apply paint or stain to the entire table. When the panel tables go through the machine, we will ensure the right amount of application, and a good quality.


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If there is one thing you definitely save by choosing a factory-treated cladding, then it’s time. Both the primer and the intermediate coat have been applied, and when the cladding is to be applied, all that remains is to apply the top coat. If you want to save even more time, it pays to paint immediately after the cladding is set up. You can wait up to 2 years before the top coat is applied. Nevertheless, applying immediately will give the cladding a thicker protection for increased service life. At the same time, you will also avoid having to clean the house before taking the top coat and thus save even more time.

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By choosing finished cladding, you will be able to save both costs and time. At the same time, you get a protected clothing from the moment it comes up. Feel free to contact us at Vyrk if you have any questions and we will help you.