The dark stain colors bring out the beauty in the wood, and the transparent expression creates an elegant feel. The golden brown tones emphasize the warmth of the room, and the wood creates a completely unique atmosphere that is comfortable to be in. Spåtind is one of our darkest and most popular stain colors, and give a warm atmosphere without seeming too heavy.

Dark ceilings is absolutely beautiful in rooms with good ceiling height.

The possibilities that exist before deciding on a panel are many. Question if you want stained or painted, standing or lying and with structure or without. You have the opportunity to create exactly the atmosphere you want, and with our own stain colors, you have the opportunity to choose between an endless alternative. Nevertheless, our self-produced stain color, Spåtind, has been one of the most popular of our dark colors, and it is not difficult to see why.

Cozy bedroom with Spåtind on walls, ceilings and moldings for a delicate atmosphere.

With a darker stain color on the walls, it can often be nice to have moldings, frames and other details in the same color, so that the whole is perceived without very “hard” transitions. At the same time, many people want to go for the frame color on the window also on the molding, and in that way frame the view and rather play with contrasts. Using the same color throughout the cabin, both walls, ceilings and moldings has become more and more popular. When it comes to the color of the ceiling, it is important to think about the ceiling height. A light roof will give the feeling that it is higher under the roof, and vice versa for a dark roof. With a stained ceiling in the same color as the wall, it will give a nice whole and harmony to the room. Spåtind brings out the tough and rustic in the wood. Against the stained walls, strong contrasting colors on details and interior, will give the room an extra energy.

Colors on furniture and interiors go well with stained panel.

For an alternative to a slightly lighter variant of Spåtind, we find the stain color Skigard. It differs from Spåtind, in that the color is a little more towards the brown than the black. When deciding on stain color, it is important to keep in mind that all wood will change towards shades of yellow over time, even with optimal protection. All transparent colors will always be affected by the substrate. The dark stain colors still contain more color pigments in the stain, and will therefore not change as much over time, as the light stain colors. The result in the room will always be better if the stain is industrially applied, to avoid shrinkage streaks and for the color to be as you want.

A slightly lighter variant of Spåtind, Skigard, here in the display cabin of Eikås Hytter og Hus.

The result is always better if the stain is applied industrially, to avoid shrinkage stripes, and for the color to be as you want. It is important to remember that wood can easily be stained darker, but it is not possible to stain anything lighter. The same goes for paint. If you choose to paint, you can not stain, but if you choose stain first and change your mind, it is possible to paint again later.

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