Panels without twigs have become more popular in recent times and are often seen as an exclusive choice of materials. There are several different benefits of choosing twig-free, but often the main reason is that you want a cleaner and more comprehensive expression.

Panels without twigs create a calm atmosphere and a clean expression. If you want a bright expression that can last over time, it`s advisable to stain or treat the wood with a light color as early as possible. This is to minimize the impact of sunlight and yellowing. Even so, it is important to remember that all kind of wood will turn yellow over time, even with optimum UV protection. When you choose to stain the twig-free panel in a lighter tone, you will also preserve the natural color.

Twig free panel in the color “Zen Sand DD” gives a whole and bright expression. Cabin: Haugrudbygg AS

To stain twig-free pine will generally emphasize the natural wood structure and pattern, at the same time it makes the structure in the wood more apparent. Some panel types have a more natural pattern in the wood than others, and this will therefore be based on the choice of wood. Regardless of the structure and pattern of the wood, the twig-free panel can still provide a smooth and calm surface. Otherwise, many choose to keep the twigs in the panel to give the room more life. This choice is variable and very up to each one and what you prefer.

Our own stain color, “Beitobrun”, in this twigfree phasepanel with a clear structure in the wood.

Pine is a relatively soft wood and is well suited for surface treatment. Although, pine is often exposed to smaller cracks in the twigs than many other wood types, it is anyway important to remember that wood is a living material that is affected by both sunlight and temperature.

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