Many are conscious of choosing the warm tones when decorating the cabin, and the trend has turned from grey to brown. Brown creates a warm atmosphere, especially in cabins you see the dark and warm tones, which is perfectly optimal for a cozy cabin environment.

In the past, the cabins have been characterized by the minimalist style, with a great deal of grey and white elements, but in later times the brown, warmer tones have returned rapidly. Wooden panels with visible twigs are also popular, providing the complete cabin atmosphere. The brown and darker tones are often combined with the slightly traditional cabin colors, such as red.

Eikås hytte på Golsfjellet

“Østerdalspanel” with the color “Skogshorn”, with beautiful elements of red interior.

Some people also choose to stain both ceiling and wall in the same stain color, or to stain the ceiling in a slightly lighter shade of the color of the wall. Still, many people choose white stained or white painted ceilings to brighten up the room. Many people think stained ceilings in the same tone as the wall, give a feeling of wholeness. Some also choose to stain the windowsill in a darker color to get tone-in-tone. A darker finish often gives the feeling of bringing nature into the room, and often a slightly calmer expression.

Wall, ceiling and windowframe in the same stain color creates a warm and overall expression. Here in the color “Spåtind”.

Most people want a warm atmosphere in the cottage, which is probably why many choose stained panel in brown tones to achieve the warm feeling many look for when refurbishing or building the cabin. We can supply our stain colors just as the customer demands, as we can break and mix our very own unique colors. Stained panel gives a warm and rustic appearance in most colors, and if you have questions about colors or panels please feel free to contact us. We will help you.