Today we have launched our new stain color, which we have chosen to name after the mountain top Makalaus, but also simply because it is incomparably nice!

The color has a nice and warm black-brown tone, and can be compared as something in between Spåtind and Skigard, two of our most popular dark stain colors. The dark color in the stain really brings out the beauty in the wood, and creates a unique feel. The golden black-brown tones give a warmth to the room, and create an atmosphere that is comfortable to be in.

According to the Valdresmålsordlisten: Makalaust describes something that is very nice and beautiful.
Makalaus is something that is completely for itself, something unique.

This is exactly how we would describe our new stain color as well, it is actually Makalaus. Feel free to visit our exhibition in both Valdres and Oslo.