Deciding on colors is difficult, and the main reason for that is probably because there is an endless choice of beautiful and different colors that make it very difficult to choose. Many people struggle with color choices because they are unsure of not wanting to go too dark, too bright or that it simply will not fit. You may therefore want to seek inspiration and see which style you want to use.

We can be found on both Pinterest and Instagram, and we have the feeling that more people like to see the colors used in different environments and with different combinations. It is often easier to find inspiration and see which way you want to go from pictures. On the other hand, it is very important to see the color you want in real life, and feel free to bring a color sample to see how the color behaves in your home. The color you choose often captures hues from the floor and surroundings, and the same color in one cabin may have a different look in another.

In our new brochure, we have made a separate color map of our stain colors, which you can read electronically here. We have tried to make it a little easier by dividing some of our colors into three different categories: the Dark and Elegant, the Light and Light and the Warm and Gorgeous.

Dark and Elegant
Dark colors bring out the beauty in the wood, and the transparent expression creates an elegant feel. The golden brown tones will more clearly emphasize the warmth of the room and give a warm and good atmosphere. The stain on the wood and gives a great play of colors in the panel. With darker stain colors on the walls, it can be nice to have moldings, frames and other details in the same color, so that the whole is perceived without very hard transitions.


Light and Light
With the bright and light colors, you create a simple style that fits well by the sea. The natural style in beautiful, light surroundings. The lighter stain colors preserve the natural expression in the wood, but give it a lighter expression that emphasizes the details. Colors in the interior that go well with our light stain colors can be, for example, golden caramel-colored details, gorgeous green plants or soft pink colors. Then you will be able to highlight the colors in the panel and get a warm and natural style in the room.

Warm and Gorgeous
Many people like a middle ground between brown and gray, which is not too dark or too light. The gray-beige cabin palette goes well with both brown and more greyish elements in the interior. By using wood, the interiors will also be softened, and the warm tones can now be found on walls, ceilings and floors. Stain gives the wood’s structure and surface life, and helps to emphasize the wood’s natural expression. The warm and playful tones create a warm and cozy environment.

When deciding on the color of the panel, it is also important to keep in mind that if you want painted panel, you can not stain later. But if you stain, and change your mind, you can easily repaint later. It is also important to keep in mind that the panel can be stained darker, but it is not possible to stain lighter. No matter what you choose, the most important thing is that you choose what you prefer and like, and which gives a good result. At Vyrk, we value quality and the environment, and want everyone who comes to us to be satisfied with the choice and our colors.