Vyrk and Nes Almenning become owners of Vyrk Brumund AS

Vyrk in Valdres and Trysil will be involved in running the planing mill at Brumund Sag together with Nes Almenning. Vyrk is one of Norway’s largest suppliers of veneered boards and rib elements, and at the same time operates finished panels, cladding, moldings and floors. Vyrk has production areas in both Valdres and Trysil and has now decided to go into the ownership side and help run Brumund Sag, which will go under the name Vyrk Brumund AS.

Nes Almenning, which previously owned more than 20% of RingAlm AS, has both a sawmill and a planing mill outside Brumunddal in large production facilities there. They have chosen to withdraw from RingAlm AS and would rather manage the operation of the planing mill together with Vyrk. The operation of the finger jointing facility will be operated through its own company, Brumund Trevare.

Vyrk has an ownership interest in Vyrk Brumund AS of 70% and Nes Almenning with the remaining 30%.

The main reason why Vyrk has decided to enter the ownership side of the new Vyrk Brumund AS, together with Nes Almenning, is to be able to secure its deliveries to Vyrk. Participating in the planing mill also creates more opportunities to be able to develop own products. The company also sees the importance of not having to be dependent on a single supplier for its products, and wants efficiency at all levels.