It has become a major trend to make use of the more modern and exciting expression we can find by using linear rib elements and veneered plates. When using wood, and maybe especially veneered panels, one can see that every piece has its own unique expression. Linear rib elements and veneered plates in different colors create an expression where nature meets the modern.

Vyrk and Trysil Interiørtre have invested in an overhead paint sprayer that provides the opportunity to put colors and stains, as well as fire treatment, on the products; Everything from large veneered plates to ribs in all dimensions from 100mm in height to 1300mm in width can be treated. The expertise of Vyrk and Trysil Interiørtre is combined and make it possible to put Vyrk’s unique stain colors on Trysil Interiørtre’s products. Wood itself creates a good indoor environment, especially with the fact that it can regulate both humidity and indoor temperature.

The unique patterns in a stained wooden plate.

To put stained colors on rib elements and veneered plates will contribute to the beautiful structure in the wood. The pattern found in these products are unique, and that it has its own individual expression, which makes it so special. You can stain the products in the color you like, which contributes to the structure. Wood gives life to a room.

White lacquered veneer of birch.

We have the opportunity to supply most types of wood, from ash, birch and oak to pine, cherry and maple, from the calmer and more harmonious to the more contrasting and exciting. The core materials in the different types can also be determined as we can supply wood plaster, chipboard, fiber, MDF and plywood.Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.