Our meeting room was given a slightly different look when we chose to refurbish, and at the same time expanding our showroom to feature new products from Vyrk and Trysil Interiørtre. The old meeting room consisted mostly of old, yellowed panels, and a red metal wall. We then decided to cover this up with a new pre-treated panel, both painted and stained, as well as a nice “råkopp” contrast wall from Vyrk and linear rib elements on the roof and ceiling from Trysil Interiørtre.

Linear rib elements on walls and ceiling were the first to be set up. The rib elements came in, as finished elements from Trysil Interiørtre, and were of white lasered aspen. When the rib elements are screwed on the wall and roof, it is important to screw it behind the elements. In that way you will prevent the appearance of nails or screws on the outside, and the elements get a clean expression. The rib elements also come with an acoustic cloth on the back which contributes to a good acoustic indoor environment. This is something that is important in special meeting rooms and large rooms where the ceiling height is large. The rib elements can be made in different elements to satisfy your need, and in most wood types and finishes.

White-glazed aspen play elements made by Trysil Interior wood.

Next on the list in the renovation process was the contrast wall of “råkopp” panel. The “råkopp” panel is available in two different sizes that we here chose to blend into each other. The “råkopp” panel can be easily mounted, and comes in smaller elongated pieces that are can easily attach to each other. All you need to do is to put them together, and either glue it on or use a nail gun.

Well in the process of mounting “råkopp” panel. Irene and Guro at Vyrk were surprised at how easy it was to assemble.

The stained and painted wall is treated at Vyrk. We chose to combine our own stain color, Skogshorn, with a painted wall in the color Wisdom from Jotun. Both colors are quite dark but complement each other nicely. Stained panels give a warm and soft expression. Skogshorn are some of the darkest stain colors we have, but in open spaces that receive some natural lighting, this color does not appear too dark.

Stained panels in the color, Skogshorn, and painted wall in Jotun’s color, Wisdom. All panels are pretreated at Vyrk.

Here you can see the final result, and one can truly see the differences. If you have any further questions about the products we used during the renovation, just contact us. Feel free to come and visit us at our exhibition in Rogne, which is open weekdays from 08-16. We also have a small exhibition in Oslo, where it is possible to stop by to look at our colors.

The finished result