Trysil Interiørtre, which is among Norways largest suppliers of veneered plates and linear rib elements, reprofile itself and changes its name to Vyrk.

In December 2018, the valdres company acquired 100% of Trysil Interiørtre, and in 2020 has decided to reprofile Trysil Interiørtre to Vyrk’s well established brand name. The reason for this re-profiling is that both industrial companies will show to the market further effective production lines. Furthermore, the development of the product portfolios is important to show to a committed audience. Joint profiling gives both companies a new drive in the market, and reinforces and increases the value of the brand name Vyrk, says CEO of Vyrk, Steinar Lyseng.

There is now increased growth in the Trysil region, and more choices for architects and contractors who want special, Norwegian produced high qaulity products on wood. For several yeats, Trysil Interiørtre has struggled to keep its operations alive, but after Vyrk’s acquisition, they have had great success with the company’s veneered plates and rib elements. Trysil Interiørtre is now making a profit.

The company focuses on environmentally friendly wood and to operate “green”. Wood is being used and demanded more and more, and more sustainable buildings are coming.

Vyrk also launches an updated website to bring both companies together and give an updated look.