Vyrk has high goals for growth in the coming years, and the company is experiencing increasing demand in the market. As part of the growth plans, Vyrk AS buys the production line for Acusto Innredning in Stange from Skanska Norway.

The goal is to increase the efficiency of the Vyrk group and to seize the growth ambition in the market further. Acusto Innredning and the factory in Stange are incorporated into the Vyrk group as a pure production line. Parts of the game production in Trysil and Rogne will be moved to Stange to streamline production, and further increase production capacity.

This acquisition gives us a significant basis for further development and greater growth in the company, says sales manager Steinar Lyseng. We already see good synergies in production, and these are high-quality products with a strong focus on the environment.

Acusto Innredning’s glass concepts, and the opportunity to deliver entire glass walls, will continue with Vyrk. In addition to delivering finished panels, veneered boards and linear rib elements, Vyrk now also has the opportunity to supply entire system ceilings and walls, as well as Norwegian-produced glass walls. All with opportunities for good acoustic and fire technical solutions on the products. Vyrk sees the importance of cultivating the Norwegian environmentally friendly production of interior glass walls in combination with wood.

We are pleased that Vyrk, as an industrial company with growth ambitions, is coming in and taking over our business at Stange. This ensures the employees an exciting workplace further and Skanska gets a supplier who can deliver a wide range of our products to our projects in the future, says Executive Vice President Kristian Brende in Skanska Norway.

The takeover took place on 01.04.21, and Vyrk can now offer even more quality products and has increased its production capacity with the acquisition.

The acquisition comes in a busy period with historically long order reserves for Vyrk, says general manager Ole Tangnæs, who is very much looking forward to the road ahead. The competence of the employees is very high, and we are really looking forward to getting to know both the people and the products.

Vyrk and Acusto Indredning already have many common customers, and with the acquisition, Vyrk hopes to reach even more customers with a wider range of products. There is a very rising demand for wood, where sustainable buildings are in full swing.

Vyrk focuses on environmentally friendly production of finished interior and exterior panels, as well as linear rib elements and veneered boards. In total, the group had more than 30 employees in 2020 and a total turnover of NOK 70 million. With this acquisition, and continued growth in other operations, the group’s turnover in 2021 will be well over 100 million.